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The Air Transport Division of the Department of Transport ensures that all government policies and relevant legislation's pertaining to economic regulation of Civil Aviation

are enforced and complied with to ensure all year round sustainable, cost effective, efficient, safe and secure air transportation services are available and provided to the traveling public and the business community.

The Division acts as the international representative in all air transport policy matters including international conventions and agreements and accordingly liaises with relevant government agencies and international organizations for the development and success of air transportation in Papua New Guinea.

The Air Transport Division is headed by a First Assistant Secretary followed by an Assistant Secretary for Air Transport Regulations who has three line Managers under that jurisdiction. The Managers are responsible for
A.    International Air Transport Operations,
B.    Domestic Air Transport Operations and
C.    Air Transport Statistics 

The Air Transport Division is responsible for International and Domestic Air Transport Operations encompassing safety, security, market, policy, legislation and regulation.

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