PNG’s air service system has evolved and improved over time into a relatively well-developed network. The government will focus on connecting remote isolated regions that are hard to access by road and at the same time provide a safe, secure, reliable, cost-effective air transport system to promote economic growth.

The main programs the Government will invest in are:

  1. National airport upgrading and development program
  2. Nadzab airport re-development
  3. Air transport safety program
  4. Rural airstrip rehabilitation program and
  5. Airport development.

Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP)

The Civil Aviation Development Investment Program is closely aligned with GoPNG’s Development Strategic Plan 2011-2030 and the National Transport Strategy which recognizes the need for the nation’s remote communities to have basic access to air transport and services as a national priority and to establish a sustainable civil aviation network to support the economic growth of PNG.

The focus of the program is on the 21 national airports with the expected outcome of the project to result in safer, more efficient and more accessible all-weather air transport services.

CADIP Tranche 1 – Focussed on upgrading airports to strengthen aviation safety and services including improving pavements and fencing in five airports and installing new security fences to comply with International Civil Aviation Organization safety and security standards and improving institutional and sector reforms.

CADIP Tranche 2 – Focussed on strengthening the operations of the air transport agencies: NAC, PNGASL and CASA PNG that were established under Tranche 1 and improve air traffic management, navigation services and airport infrastructure to comply with international and domestic regulations and standards.

CADIP Tranche 3 – Continued to improve and strengthen airport infrastructure, level of compliance with safety and security standards, air transport agency operations and other activities under Tranches 1 and 2.

The executing agency for the Civil Aviation Development Investment Program is the National Airports Corporation (NAC) which has been implementing the program since 2010.