PIP Number: 05060

Project Name: Kikori Wharf Development


The feasibility study concluded in June 2019 and the report furnished to the Government. The next phase is to carry out the detailed design. The 2020 funding is to cater for the detailed design and land acquisition.


The project components include:

  1. Environmental studies, Survey and Technical Design and Scoping (feasibility study completed in 2019)
  2. Procurement of equipment and materials
  3. Project Management Unit


Kikori District, Gulf Province.


There is huge potential for economic development in the Gulf Province with the oil and gas explorations that are taking place and fisheries development. The wharf, once constructed will complement economic development as well as the Gulf-Southern Highlands Highway that will provide access for commodities from the Highlands to be transported to the wharf for shipment.

The wharf once in place will also provoke fisheries development, as there is huge potential for it.


The Department of Transport through its Project Management Unit has the capacity to implement the project in coordination with PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PCL) and other relevant agencies.


This project will benefit the people of Gulf, business houses, PCL and PNG.


Once the wharf is constructed it will be transferred to PCL. The Gulf Provincial Government may enter into business arrangements with PCL on the ownership and management of the facility.